Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lukisan Kepiluan

After months, my heart been touched. Deeply enough to prompt this entry.
A good and kind person, she's the one that I knew.
Definitely loved and missed, all of them by those being left behind.
My prayers to all the deceased. Al-Fatihah.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Somehow I felt scared ....

As you can see, i had very few links on this blog but i assure you those are the links i must click on at least twice a week. Tak kesah la it is updated or not. And yes i didnt activate the trigger to alert me there' an update on that particular blog as m enjoying the rasa menyampah (waiting for 30 secs loadtime just to know u didn't update anything?) and the element of surprise of the new addition to the sites.
However, recently i started to felt very uncomfortable with couple of sites that made me think to de-list it from this page. Usually m very open to any statement on any issue. Yes i can be emotional and drop a comment or two which usually will trigger a very interesting exchange.
But, when it comes to religion, i always take a step back. Conservative approach. You never know (because more often than not) when you actually is campaigning AGAINST your own religion though your initial intention (niat) is to make good of your belief. Somehow, i found this 1 particular blog projecting exactly what m afraid of. The posting is daring (as usual) and you'll start agreeing and disagreeing as you go along the lines. But, by reading the comments posted, i felt disgusted, frustrated, angered, saddened by the extent the discussion had been pull through.
M not in the position to judge anybody religiously. Religously also m afraid about my role in supporting the wrong cause or not supporting the right cause. Simple example, i didn't drink but m wearing tshirt with TIGER emblazoned on it that had triggered Mr Muslim to buy one and enjoy it when he saw my shirt.
Thus, i had removed the link so that m not part of supporting the religously wrong cause or maybe not supporting the religously right cause. M very sure I'll find another way for my dakwah.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Kalau Allah = Tuhan
Syahadah akan menjadi "Aku bersaksi tiada tuhan yang disembah melainkan TUHAN"?

Seseorang berpendapat hanya muslim yang tidak kuat kepercayaaan akan keliru. Dan jika golongan kanak-kanak terkeliru, itu kerana ibu bapa nya keliru yang mana menunjukkan ibu bapa nya tidak kuat kepercayaan nya.

Persoalannya, perlukah membiarkan kanak-kanak membesar menjadi ibu bapa yang keliru hanya kerana ibu bapa mereka keliru? Perlukah membiarkan kanak kanak goyah kepercayaan hanya kerana ibu bapa mereka goyah kepercayaan?

Kadang-kadang ada baiknya mendiamkan diri apatah lagi jika punya 'suara'.